The Roadway Spy Newsletter For December 2005

In the December report from Spy, He discusses the elimination of Pre-Pass in vehicles, the spec'ing of the new sleeper equipment and the Sleeper Breakdown Section at Memphis along with other subjects from several terminals. Read the full report at RoadDrivers.Org

Detroit News Reports Hoffa Faces Tough Re-election Drive

On Christmas day, the website of the DetNews.Com provided a lengthy report as to an uphill battle Hoffa faces in his re-election bid. The following is an exert of the report by Richard A. Ryan at the Detroit News...

Tyson Johnson, a Texas Teamster who has been an international vice president since 2000 and national freight director since 2003, announced last week in private meetings with union officials and in a curt letter to Hoffa that he is running for president. "I am declaring my candidacy for the General Presidency of this great union and many members of the General Executive Board and other Teamster leaders throughout the United States are joining me to form a slate in the 2006 election to return this union to the Teamster members," Johnson told Hoffa in his brief letter. The challenge to Hoffa's leadership from a member of his own executive board appears to shatter his oft-repeated insistence that the union is united. Richard Leebove, a Hoffa spokesman, said the Teamsters president would not personally respond to the latest challenge to his leadership. Read More at RoadDrivers.Org


2006 IBT Election... How Will You Vote?

12.22.2005 - At hand for 2006 is the election for the Teamsters General Presidency. In the running is Hoffa, Leedham and now Tyson Johnson. Here at RoadDrivers.Org, we have not found a web site nor an announcement from Tyson Johnson of his candidacy. The only report that can be found is the release that has been posted from the Leedham2006.Org website. Read more at RoadDrivers.Org


Yellow Roadway CEO dumps his stock

By John Heiderscheit at QCTimes.Com

When last we looked at Yellow Roadway, trucking industry giant and operator of a major Illinois-side terminal, the wheels seemed to be falling off. The stock had lost a third of its value in a matter of just a few months. Read the full report