Understanding Volvo's Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Many questions have been raised among Yellow Transportation Road Drivers and head-on collisions that have occurred involving the lack of airbag deployment. Consequently, here at RoadDrivers.Org, we thought we would provide a bit of insight on the issue. Read More

The Roadway Spy Newsletter for February 2006

In his February newsletter, Spy has addressed the outcome of the Roadway Express Change of Operations along with other recent events affecting teamster drivers. Read More


Third Doctor Intervention Removed

The National Review Committee Co-Chaired by IBT Vice-president Tyson Johnson has taken away the right under the NMFA to have a "Third-Doctor" intervine on behalf of the member when the Company's Doctor will not pass a member on a DOT Medical examination, while the member's own Doctor state there is nothing wrong. Our "Third-Doctor" rights under the NMFA protects the members' jobs. Read the pdf report


Big R's Change of Operations Approved

Big R's Change of Operations has been approved by the COO committee. View the pdf report as to the results on how Roadway Express drivers will be effected. View PDF report