Electronic Exchange at Kish Island (Southern Iran) Delays Opening

As the nuclear standoff pitting Iran against the West continues, some conspiracy theorists are more focused on another plan that the Middle Eastern nation is pursuing.

But they are jumping the gun if they still figure Iran is within days of launching a new international oil exchange that would sell its own and other Middle Eastern oil producers' black gold in euros rather than U.S. dollars -- and which, the theory goes, could ultimately torpedo the greenback and the U.S. economy.

Despite repeated reports over the past 18 months or so that the planned bourse would finally open for business on March 20, 2006 -- and go head to head with the New York Mercantile Exchange and the ICE Futures Exchange in London -- the start date has been postponed by at least several months and maybe more than a year."

In the middle of 2006, we are able to start the bourse," Mohammad Asemipur, special adviser on the project to Iran's Oil Minister, said when reached in Tehran. The plan is to trade petrochemical products first, with a crude oil contract coming last, a rollout that likely will take three years, he said. Google News this issue


181st Transportation Battalion Tiger Teams In Iraq

The Tiger Team consist of two armored HMMWVs with an ARMOX produced armored box in the back. The hardened HMMWVs usually had a ring mounted machinegun on the cab and a couple of pedestal mounted machineguns in the armored box. The purpose of the Tiger Team vehicles was to drive ahead of the convoy searching for improvised explosive devices or signs of enemy ambush. When approaching intersections, they blocked oncoming traffic so that the convoy would pass unmolested. They also fell behind the convoy to prevent host nation vehicles from intruding in the convoys and shooting at the drivers. Read More